All Flavors

Aguacate – avocado (mild-flavored; don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like guacamole)

Almendra – almond

Abuelitas Mexican Mocha Sea Salt

Amaretto – the same (the almond-flavored liqueur)

Arrayan – green tropical fruit, with a flavor like guava and strawberry together

Arroz Con Leche – “rice with milk” (basically rice pudding)

Betabel – beet

Cacahuate – peanut

Cajeta – milk caramel

Cereza – cherry

Chamoy – a sweet-spicy mixture of sweet fruit (like mango or plum) with chile

Choco Chips – chocolate chip

Choco Menta – mint chocolate chip

Ciruela Pasa – prune (dried plum)

Crema de Limón – lemon curd (like lemon custard)

Crema de Naranja – orange curd (like orange custard)

Coconut cream

Duraznos con Crema – peaches and cream

Elote – corn

Frambuesa – raspberry

Fresas Con Crema – strawberries and cream

Frutas Secas – dried fruit

Galleta Oreo – Oreo cookie

Grosella – gooseberry

Guanabana – soursop (flavor not very strong but sweet and sour)

Guayaba – guava

Hierbabuena – mint

Higo – fig

Jamaica – hibiscus flower (deep red, floral)

Jobito (Jovito) – a bright yellow Venezuelan fruit with a sweet-sour flavor

Limon – lime (not lemon, which is rarely encountered in Mexican cuisine)

Mamey – salmon-colored fruit with a pumpkin/cherry-like flavor

Mandarina – tangerine

Mantequilla – butter!

Manzana – apple

Maracuya – passion fruit

Medias de Seda – a cocktail made of tequila, condensed milk and grenadine

Melon – melon (cantaloupe)

Miel – honey

Menta – Mint choco chip

Nanche – a type of light-green fruit with a strong, tropical flavor

Naranja – orange

Nata – cream

Nescafe – coffee

Nuez – walnut

Ostión – oyster (um, yeah, oyster)

Pera – pear

Piña Colada – pineapple and coconut

Piñon Blanco – white pine nuts

Piñon Rosa – pink pine nuts

Pitaya – dragonfruit (similar to kiwi, but white and with a more perfumey smell)

Plátano – banana

Queso – cheese (think cheesecake, not blue or cheddar!)

Rompope – egg nog

Ron Con Pasas – rum raisin

Sandia – watermelon

Tamarindo – tamarind (sweet, sour and a bit pungent)

Té verde – green tea

Toronja – grapefruit

Tuna – don’t worry! “tuna” means cactus fruit (which is delicious)

Uva – grape

Vainilla – vanilla

Yogurth – yogurt

Zanahoria – carrot

Zapote Negro – a type of fruit with a chocolatey, date-like dark-brown flesh (I love it!)

Zarza Con Queso – blackberry cheesecake

Zarzamora – blackberry