Over 30 Mexican Traditional Recipes

____CREAM PALETAS_______

Creamy Honey Aguacate
Ingredients: Pure Avocado Cream (Mild-Flavored; Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like guacamole), Heavy Cream, Milk

Crunchy Almendra
Ingredients: Pure Sweet Almonds, Heavy Cream, Milk

Crazy Sweet Amaretto
Ingredients: Pure Almond-flavored liqueur, Heavy Cream, Milk

Mlked Creamy Rice
Ingredients: Pure Rice, Heavy Cream, Milk

Crunchy Peanuts
Ingredients: Pure Peanut, Heavy Cream, Milk

Savory Milky Cajeta
Ingredients: Pure Goat-Milk Caramel, Heavy Cream, Milk

Caramelized Sweet Potato Cream
Ingredients: Pure Caramelized Sweet Potato, Agave Honey, Cinnamon, Piloncillo, Heavy Cream, Whole Milk.

Fiery Cereza
Ingredients: Pure Cherry, Heavy Cream, Milk

Hearty Choco Chips
Ingredients: Pure Chocolate Chips, Heavy Cream, Milk

Refreshing Choco menta
Ingredients: Pure Mint Chocolate Chip, Heavy Cream, Milk

Syrupy Crazy Chongos
Ingredients: Pure Chongos, Similar to Cottage Cheese, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Heavy Cream, Milk

Honey Flavorful Ciruela
Ingredients: Pure Prune (Dried Plum), Heavy Cream, Milk

Full-bodied Honey Crema de Limón
Ingredients: Pure Lemon Curd (Like Lemon Custard), Heavy Cream, Milk

Thick Honey Orange Curd
Ingredients: Pure Orange Curd (Like Orange Custard), Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Flavored Peaches
Ingredients: Pure Peaches, Heavy Cream, Milk

Chewy Honey Frambuesa
Ingredients: Pure Raspberry, Heavy Cream, Milk

Fiery Creamy Strawberries
Ingredients: Pure Fresh Strawberries, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Crispy Dried Fruits
Ingredients: Pure Dried Fruit, Heavy Cream, Milk

Flavorful Crunchy Oreo Cookie
Ingredients: Pure Oreo Cookie, Heavy Cream, Milk

Juicy Gooseberry
Ingredients: Pure Gooseberry, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Lime

Fresh Minty Hierbabuena
Ingredients: Pure Mint, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Thick Higo
Ingredients: Pure Fig, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Juicy Refreshing Jamaica
Ingredients: Pure Hibiscus Flower (Deep Red, Floral), Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Seared Fiery Milk
Ingredients: Pure Scorched Milk (An Acquired Taste…), Heavy Cream, Milk

Doughy Yellowy Mantequilla
Ingredients: Pure Butter! Heavy Cream, Milk

Refreshing Choco-menta
Ingredients: Pure Mint Choco Chip, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Creamy Miel
Ingredients: Pure Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Greenish Nanche
Ingredients: Pure Nanche (A Type Of Light-Green Fruit With a Strong), Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Extreme Creamy Nata
Ingredients: Pure Cream, Heavy Cream, Milk

Super Thick Nescafe
Ingredients: Pure Coffee, Heavy Cream, Milk

Crunchy Nutty Nuez
Ingredients: Pure Walnut, Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Tropical Ostión
Ingredients: Pure Oyster (Um, Yeah, Oyster), Heavy Cream, Milk

Whitish Toasted Piñon Blanco
Ingredients: Pure White Pine Nuts, Heavy Cream, Milk

Pinkish Creamy Piñon
Ingredients: Pure Pink Pine Nuts, Heavy Cream, Milk

Soft Heavy Cheese
Ingredients: Pure Cheese (Think Cheesecake, Not Blue Or Cheddar!), Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Horchata
Ingredients: Pure Heavy Cream, Rice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Milk

Full-Bodied Creamy Rompope
Ingredients: Pure Egg Nog, Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Spirits Ron Con Pasas
Ingredients: Pure Rum Raisin, Heavy Cream, Milk

Fresh Herbal Green Tea
Ingredients: Pure Green Tea, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Mexican Bean Vainilla
Ingredients: Pure Bean Vanilla, Heavy Cream, Milk, Brown Sugar

Extream Cream Yogurt
Ingredients: Pure Yogurt, Heavy Cream, Milk

Chocolat-fruit Zapote
Ingredients: Pure A Type Of Fruit With A Chocolatey, Date-Like Dark-Brown Flesh, Heavy Cream, Milk

Cheeky Cheesy Zarza
Ingredients: Pure Blackberry Cheesecake, Heavy Cream, Milk

____________FRUIT PALETAS____________

Creamy Rollicking Shrimp
Ingredients: 100% Shrimp (yes, Shrimp!), Agave Honey, Lime

Honey Pure Betabel
Ingredients: 100% Beet, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Honey Mint
Ingredients: 100% Mint Leaf, Agave Honey, Lime

Fruited Honey Arrayan
Ingredients: 100% Green Tropical Fruit, With a Flavor Like Guava And Strawberry Together, Agave Honey, Lime

Fruited Honey Chamoy
Ingredients: A Sweet-spicy Mixture Of 100% Sweet Fruit With Chil, Agave Honey, Lime

Refreshing Watermelon Vegan
Ingredients: 100% Fruit Sweetened With Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Fresh Soursop
Ingredients: 100% Soursop (Flavor Not Very Strong But Sweet And Sour), Agave Honey, Lime

Creamy Gently Guava
Ingredients: 100% Guava, Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Mellow Jobito
Ingredients: 100% Jovito (A Sweet Venezuelan Fruit), Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Soft Lime
Ingredients: 100% Lime (Not Lemon), Agave Honey, Lime

Soft Red Mamey
Ingredients: 100% Colored Fruit With A Pumpkin/Cherry-Like Flavor, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Juicy Mandarina
Ingredients: 100% Tangerine, Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Juicy Mango-Tangerine
Ingredients: 100% Mango Mixed With Tangerine, Agave Honey, Lime

Creamy Reddish Manzana
Ingredients: 100% Apple, Agave Honey, Lime

Soft Flavorful Maracuya
Ingredients: 100% Passion Fruit, Agave Honey, Lime

Fruity Fresh Melon
Ingredients: 100% Melon (Cantaloupe), Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Funny Mini paleta
Ingredients: 100% Fruit Sweetened With Agave Honey, Fruits. No Artificial.

Creamy Colorful Naranja
Ingredients: 100% Orange, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Tasty Pera
Ingredients: 100% Pear, Agave Honey, Lime

Exciting Piña Colada
Ingredients: 100% Pineapple And Coconut, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Full-bodied Pitaya
Ingredients: 100% DragonFruit (Similar to Kiwi), Agave Honey, Lime

Citrusy Honey Lime
Ingredients: 100% Fresh Squeezed Real Lemons, Sweetened With Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Refreshing Sandia
Ingredients: 100% Watermelon, Agave Honey, Lime

Tangy Sweet Honey Kiwi
Ingredients: 100% Kiwi Fruit, Agave Honey, Lime

Mellow Milky Tuna
Ingredients: 100% Tuna (Cactus Fruit -Which Is Delicious), Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Fiery Uva
Ingredients: 100% Grape, Agave Honey, Lime

Thick Sweet Zanahoria
Ingredients: 100% Carrot, Agave Honey, Lime

Seductive Sweet Zarzamora
Ingredients: 100% Blackberry, Agave Honey, Lime

_______LIQUOR PALETAS____________

Silky Tequila Ice Cream
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, Heavy Cream, Milk

Los Osuna Mojito
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, MInt leaf, Lime, Agave Honey

Los Osuna Margarita
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, Lime, Salt, Agave Honey

Crazy Creamy Silk Stalking
Ingredients: Pure A Cocktail Made Of Tequila, Condensed Milk And Grenadine, Heavy Cream, Milk