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Artisanally made, the same way our abuelita made paletas.
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____________ FRUIT PALETAS___________

Honey Chunky Mango (vegan)
Ingredients: 100% Real Mangos, Sweetened With Agave Honey, Lime

Honey Lime (Vegan)
Ingredients: 100% Pure Squeezed Limes, Sweetened with Agave Honey

Sweet Honey Guava (vegan)
Ingredients: 100% Fresh Guava, Sweetened With Agave Honey, Lime

Special order :
Ripe Guava (Vegan): 100% Guava with a few seeds. The entire guava fruit for our non-sweet paleta lovers that just want fruit on a stick.
Ingredients: 100% Fresh Guava, Splash of Lime, Extra Light on the Agave Honey.
(This Paleta taste fresh if you dont like your paleta too sweet this is your fruit.)

Pure Honey Fresh Coconut Water Vegan
Ingredients: 100% Coconut, Sweetened With Agave Honey, Lime

Honey Sweet Fresh Strawberry’s (vegan)
Ingredients: 100% Fresh Strawberry’s, Sweetened With Agave Honey, Lime

Pepito’s Latin Cleanse (Vegan)
Ingredients: 100% Crisp Green Apple, Ginger, Lemon, Sweet Basil, Sweetened With Agave Honey, A heaven vegan Cleanse!

Vine Honey Grapes (vegan)
Ingredients: 100% Vineyard Grapes, Sweetened Agave Honey, Lime

Honey SeedLess Tamarindo
Ingredients: 100% Tamarind (Sweet, Sour And A bit Pungent), Agave Honey, Lime

Tangy Honey Kiwi
Ingredients: Pure Kiwi and Agave Honey

Agave Honey Watermelon
Ingredients: 100% Watermelon sweetened with Agave Honey, splash of Lime

____________ CREAM PALETAS___________

Abuelita’s Mexican Hot Chocolate
Ingredients: Pure Mexican Abuelita Chocolate, Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Heavy Cream, Milk

Mexican Bean Vanilla Cream
Ingredients: Pure Vanilla Bean, Heavy Cream, Milk

Coco Loco Cream
Ingredients: Pure Coco, Coconut Milk, Coconut Flakes, Heavy Cream, Milk

Dulce de Leche Cream
Ingredients: Pure Cajeta/Caremel, Heavy Cream, Milk

Arroz con Leche Horchata Cream
Ingredients: Pure Rice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Heavy Cream, Milk

Caramelized Fried Banana
Ingredients: Pure Fried Bananas, Pilonsillo, Cinnamon, Heavy Cream, Milk

Caramelized Sweet Corn
Ingredients: Fresh Sweet Corn, Piloncillo, Heavy Cream, Milk

Mex Mocha Sea Salt
Ingredients: Pure Coffee, Heavy Cream, Milk, Sea salt

Caramelized Sweet Camote ( Sweet Yams)
Ingredients:  Sweet Yams, Piloncillo, Heavy Cream, Milk

____________LIQUOR PALETAS___________

Los Osuna Mango Margarita
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, Lime, Salt, Agave Honey, Real Mangos

Silky Tequila
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, Heavy Cream, Milk

                                                                          ALL FLAVORS

____CREAM PALETAS_______

Caramelized Sweet Potato Cream
Ingredients: Pure Caramelized Sweet Potato, Agave Honey, Cinnamon, Piloncillo, Heavy Cream, Whole Milk.

Fiery Cereza
Ingredients: Pure Cherry, Heavy Cream, Milk

Refreshing Choco menta (Mint)
Ingredients: Pure Mint Chocolate Chip, Heavy Cream, Milk

Honey Flavorful Ciruela
Ingredients: Pure Prune (Dried Plum), Heavy Cream, Milk

Full-bodied Honey Crema de Limón
Ingredients: Pure Lemon Curd (Like Lemon Custard), Heavy Cream, Milk

Thick Honey Orange Curd
Ingredients: Pure Orange Curd (Like Orange Custard), Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Peaches mmmmmmmmmm
Ingredients: Pure Peaches, Heavy Cream, Milk

Chewy Honey Frambuesa
Ingredients: Pure Raspberry, Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Strawberries
Ingredients: Pure Fresh Strawberries, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Crispy Dried Fruits
Ingredients: Pure Dried Fruit, Heavy Cream, Milk

Crunchy Oreo Cookie
Ingredients: Pure Oreo Cookie, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Thick Higo
Ingredients: Pure Fig, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Juicy Refreshing Jamaica
Ingredients: Pure Hibiscus Flower (Deep Red, Floral), Agave Honey, Water

Refreshing Choco-menta
Ingredients: Pure Mint Choco Chip, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Creamy Miel
Ingredients: Pure Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Greenish Nanche
Ingredients: Pure Nanche (A Type Of Light-Green Fruit With a Strong), Agave Honey, Heavy Cream, Milk

Mex Mocha
Ingredients: Pure Coffee, Heavy Cream, Milk.

Crunchy Nutty / Nuez
Ingredients: Walnuts, Heavy Cream, Milk

Whitish Toasted Piñon Blanco
Ingredients: White Pine Nuts, Heavy Cream, Milk

Sweet Cinnamon Horchata
Ingredients: Pure Heavy Cream, Rice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Milk

Full-Bodied Creamy Rompope
Ingredients: Pure Egg Nog, Heavy Cream, Milk

Creamy Spirits Ron Con Pasas
Ingredients: Rum Raisin, Heavy Cream, Milk

Chocolat-fruit Zapote
Ingredients: Pure A Type Of Fruit With A Chocolatey, Date-Like Dark-Brown Flesh, Heavy Cream, Milk

Cheeky Cheesy Zarza
Ingredients: Pure Blackberry Cheesecake, Heavy Cream, Milk

Crunchy Peanuts
Ingredients: Pure Peanut, Heavy Cream, Milk

Almond Cream
Ingredients: Pure Almond, Almond Milk

Almond Cream
Ingredients: Almonds, Heavy Cream, Milk

Soft Red Mamey (In Season)
Ingredients: 100% Colored Fruit With A Pumpkin/Cherry-Like Flavor, Agave Honey, Heavy Cream

____________FRUIT PALETAS____________

Juicy Gooseberry
Ingredients: Pure Gooseberry, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Minty Hierbabuena
Ingredients: Pure Mint, Agave Honey, Water

Honey Betabel
Ingredients: 100% Beet, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Honey Mint
Ingredients: 100% Mint Leaf, Agave Honey, Lime

Fruit Honey Arrayan
Ingredients: 100% Green Tropical Fruit, With a Flavor Like Guava And Strawberry Together, Agave Honey, Lime

Fruited Honey Chamoy
Ingredients: A Sweet-spicy Mixture Of 100% in season Fruit With Chil, Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Fresh Soursop
Ingredients: 100% Soursop (Flavor Not Very Strong But Sweet And Sour), Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Herbal Green Tea
Ingredients: Pure Green Tea Sweetened with agave honey

Honey Guava
Ingredients: 100% Guava, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Juicy Mandarina
Ingredients: 100% Tangerine, Agave Honey, Lime

Juicy Mango-Tangerine
Ingredients: 100% Mango Mixed With Tangerine, Agave Honey, Lime

Reddish Manzana
Ingredients: 100% Apple, Agave Honey, Lime

Soft Flavorful Maracuya
Ingredients: 100% Passion Fruit, Agave Honey, Lime

Fruity Fresh Melon
Ingredients: 100% Melon (Cantaloupe), Agave Honey, Lime

Naranja / Orange
Ingredients: 100% Orange, Agave Honey, Lime

Fresh Tasty Pera
Ingredients: 100% Pear, Agave Honey, Lime

Agave Honey Piña Colada (Virgin Or Non-Virgin)
Ingredients: 100% Pineapple And Coconut, Agave Honey, Lime

Tangy Honey Kiwi
Ingredients: 100% Kiwi Fruit, Agave Honey, Lime

Mellow Cactus Tuna
Ingredients: 100% Tuna (Cactus Fruit -Which Is Delicious), Agave Honey, Lime

Vine Honey Grapes
Ingredients: 100% Grape, Agave Honey, Lime

Thick Sweet Zanahoria
Ingredients: 100% Carrot, Agave Honey, Lime

Sweet Zarzamora
Ingredients: 100% Blackberry, Agave Honey, Lime

Creamy Tropical Ostión
Ingredients: Pure Oyster (Um, Yeah, Oyster), Water

_______ADULT TEQUILA  PALETAS____________

Silky Tequila Ice Cream
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, Heavy Cream, Heavy Cream

Los Osuna Mojito
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, MInt leaf, Lime, Agave Honey

Los Osuna Margarita
Ingredients: Pure Organic Los Osuna Tequila, Lime, Salt, Agave Honey